Xcode 10 feature list


  • Editor loads large documents much faster(upto 2.5X faster)
  • Stability of in Source Kit and enhance the robustness of the language integration

Code completion and Navigation

  • Code completion now provides more targeted results and limits completion to high confidence matches
  • While navigating using Jump To Definition the destination list will now provide contextual details like file and line information

Source Control Change Bar

  • Change bar is on the left side of the editor and highlights the lines of code which has changed since your last checkout.
  • The style and color of the indicator revels the type of change, there are different color highlight color for Uncommitted, Upstream , Unpushed and Conflict changes.

Code Folding

  • Improved code folding, now you can code fold anything.
  • Code folding ribbon is back!

Multi cursor editing

  • Hold down Ctrl+Shift and click the places where you like to begin editing.
  • You can also do Column selection using holding down Option key.

More Source Control Integration

  • Support for Bitbucket and GitLab
  • Added support for Rebase during pull actions.

Energy Diagnostics Report

  • They are like Crash logs for energy usage of your application, it surface details for foreground and background energy usage of the app.


  • Test bundles can now be configured to execute their contents in a random order each time the tests are run. This can be enabled in the Test pane of the scheme editor as an option for each test bundle
  • Running tests in parallel. Test parallelization is supported for macOS unit tests, as well as unit and UI tests on iOS simulators


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